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One of the world's most acclaimed and exciting young adventurers

Ash Dykes
  • Lived in Wales
  • North Wales

Ash Dykes, 26, from Old Colwyn, north Wales has achieved two world firsts… in 2014, he walked more than 1500 miles in 78 days, solo across Mongolia from the Altai Mountains to the Mongolian Steppe.

In 2016, Ash’s next world first involved him walking over 1600 miles up Madagascar in 155 days; climbing the eight highest mountains en-route, as well as facing many challenges, from being held up by the military, contracting the deadliest form of Malaria, crossing croc infested rivers amongst much more.

He reveals how a young man from wales transformed himself into one of the world’s most acclaimed and exciting young adventurers.

Ash has, since the age of 19, set off to various parts of the world in search of adventure and challenges; he has cycled across countries, trekked the Himalayas and learned how to survive in the jungle with a Burmese hill tribe, among many other exciting expeditions. Previously, Ash spent two years as a scuba diving instructor in Thailand but now has his sights firmly fixed on achieving many more ‘firsts’.

Ash has featured in The Times, Forbes Magazine, The Guardian, Mail Online, BBC World News, BBC World Service ITV, Arise TV, Discovery Channel, Channel 5, FHM, Capital FM, Radio 5 Live and many more articles including translations worldwide. Two of Ash's expeditions gained a global reach of more than 350,000,000.

Ash has recently published his first book "Mission Possible", in which, Ash reveals the spirit, planning, training and sheer determination that went into his two record-breaking feats.

He reveals how a young man from wales transformed himself into one of the world’s most acclaimed and exciting young adventurers.

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