Wonderful Welsh Stories

Right now, in Wales and countries around the world, Welsh people are achieving incredible things. We want to find them — to tell their stories and celebrate how they’re making their mark around the world; to inspire future generations by showing them what we’re capable of. Because our stories are Wales’s stories.

“We have a fearless spirit of adventure in Wales, from the sporting fields to our economy, we consistently punch above our weight.”

Richard Parks Extreme Athlete
Episode 18

The American who found a love for the Welsh language and culture

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Episode 17

The 'ever-restless' Rugby coach: from North Wales to Shanghai

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Episode 16

From Wales to Silicon Valley and back again: the Welsh entrepreneurs combining beauty and tech

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Episode 15

The girl from Cwmbran pursuing her passion for Wales from Tokyo

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Episode 14

An American author on discovering her medieval Welsh roots and how it inspired her writing

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Episode 13

'Ya-Ski-Da': How the Welsh made their mark on the Swiss slopes...

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Episode 12

From London to Boston: one man's tale of never losing his Welsh roots

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Episode 11

My Welsh grandparents emigrated - and narrowly avoided boarding the Titanic

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Episode 10

The Welsh rocker on the road

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Episode 9

How this American man proposed to his Welsh girl - in Japan

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What’s your story?

Do you, or someone you know, have a Wonderful Welsh Story to tell? We’re looking for stories that shine a light on Welsh people’s experiences and achievements, wherever in the world they are. Oh, and if we publish your story we’ll send you a shiny certificate to say thanks.