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Wonderful Welsh Stories

Right now, in Wales and countries around the world, Welsh people are achieving incredible things. We want to find them — to tell their stories and celebrate how they’re making their mark around the world; to inspire future generations by showing them what we’re capable of. Because our stories are Wales’s stories.

“We have a fearless spirit of adventure in Wales, from the sporting fields to our economy, we consistently punch above our weight.”

Richard Parks Extreme Athlete
Episode 36

From Cardiff to Cleveland and back: Developing a cancer biopharma ecosystem for Wales

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Episode 35

Jazz Hands: The Swansea-born pianist with a passion for podcasting

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Episode 34

Oxbridge or bust: One woman’s journey home via Cambridge, London, Paris, New York

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Episode 33

Grabbing the bull by the horns: One man’s mission to create the world’s biggest shipping event

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Episode 32

From over the try line to over the counter: The Machen boy who made it big in pharma

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Episode 31

Rallying all over the world: From Ruthin to World Champion

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Episode 30

You can take the boy out of Tredegar: A tale of resilience and sporting success

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Episode 29

Take me home, country roads: One man's journey from Rhymney to West Virginia

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Episode 28

The law graduate who networked her way to an opportunity

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Episode 27

A Flatlander in the Welsh Mountains: One author's story

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What’s your story?

Do you, or someone you know, have a Wonderful Welsh Story to tell? We’re looking for stories that shine a light on Welsh people’s experiences and achievements, wherever in the world they are. Oh, and if we publish your story we’ll send you a shiny certificate to say thanks.

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