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The start of a new initiative to capitalise on Welsh talent overseas

22 Oct, 2018

GlobalWelsh has announced US-based Pelican Products, Inc. CEO Lyndon Faulkner as the newest member to join their exclusive line up of patrons.

Following the successful ‘Meet the Makers’ initiative hosted at the US Headquarters of the global manufacturing business, Mr. Faulkner has announced his intention to cement relationships with the initiative by becoming a patron.

In September, six entrepreneurs joined Pelican and its executive team in Torrance, California to embark on a week-long ‘masterclass’ programme.

The Welsh-based entrepreneurs who took part in ‘Meet the Makers’ were:

  • Liz Hayward (Creo Medical)
  • Rhian Parry (Workplace Worksafe)
  • Mark Woods (AMPLYFI)
  • Bradley Cummings (Tiny Rebel)
  • Nigel Saunders (Sure Chill)
  • Gareth Burks (Rebel.Aero)

With the support of Pelican’s global executive team of marketing, sales, operations, HR, finance, R&D, customer service and product design specialists, the group undertook intensive growth-orientated sessions to reflect upon and enhance their growth strategies in their own businesses.

The six were also shown around Los Angeles and taken to social events by the Newport-born CEO, who maintains an active interest in Welsh business developments – and an enduring passion for Welsh rugby!

Bradley Cummings, a participant on the programme said:

“We felt very excited to have been selected for the GlobalWelsh & Pelican Products’ 'Meet the Makers' programme in Los Angeles. Tiny Rebel is growing at a rapid pace and like most start-ups, we're finding it tough to step outside of our little world. “It was a perfect opportunity for us to spend time at the heart of Pelican’s very successful business and find out how they have continued to grow and innovate since 1976, while keeping all of their core values…. It was a privilege to be a part of it all.”

Of her time on the programme, Liz Hayward commented:

“This experience allowed me to step back and reflect and be shown what can be achieved, with the right attitude, leadership and expertise. It was inspiring, and I’ve since returned to Creo with key learnings to implement that will benefit our talented team and business in our growth. It was hugely beneficial to take some time out and spend it in a well-developed business like Pelican, especially with other leaders from other Welsh businesses. We all got along extremely well and this in itself has brought forward opportunities to support one another with our business growing pains and hurdles…”

Sure Chill’s CEO Nigel Saunders said:

“Meet the Makers was a fantastic experience and I’m delighted to have been a part of it. Lyndon and the whole team were amazing. We had full access to their exec team in all areas of the business, which has been hugely valuable and will make a difference to me personally and also the business. This trip has enabled me to get right into the heart of one of the most dynamic businesses in the US and understand the differences in culture and approach between the US and Europe. Thanks again to Global Welsh and the whole Pelican team for making the week possible.”

Lyndon Faulkner added:

“It was incredible to see the level of ambition and enthusiasm from the group and I was honored to work with GlobalWelsh on developing one of the first programmes under the ‘GlobalWelsh Academy’ banner. I am thrilled to be a patron for GlobalWelsh and looking forward to seeing more opportunities like this develop as more patrons and pioneers come on board.”


GlobalWelsh is now developing another masterclass programme under the ‘GlobalWelsh Academy’ banner. The GlobalWelsh Academy brings together opportunities only made possible through the careful cultivation of the relationships they form with their global network of pioneers and community members. The growing CIC now has members in 33 countries around the globe including Brazil, Sweden, Somalia, Serbia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India and Japan.

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