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The high profile entrepreneur who’s on a mission to give something back to Wales

23 Jul, 2018

Former Just Eat Founder, Dragons Chairman and 83North Partner David Buttress is the latest investor to offer financial support to GlobalWelsh, as the initiative expands its base of Founding Patrons.

Mr Buttress’ knowledge and expertise as the founder and CEO of a business, valued today at more than £5bn, is a major coup for the growing Community Interest Company, who are seeking the support of 24 Founding Patrons to allow them to offer more opportunities and high level connections to their community members.

Born in Cwmbran, the beginnings of the Just Eat empire were nurtured in a London basement in 2005. He retains a place on the board and has confessed he now has more availability to nurture his passion projects - namely, his involvement with the Dragons Rugby Club, a challenging turnaround but his ambition for the club is unwavering.

With a minority stake (the WRU are major shareholders), Mr Buttress wants to elevate the club's position and transform the way the club attracts investors. Mr Buttress’ vision is to help the Dragons rise to the top - even if it takes 10 years to get there. His involvement with GlobalWelsh comes after several years following the initiative’s development.

GlobalWelsh is now hoping that Mr Buttress’ involvement with the burgeoning community will be of benefit to entrepreneurs and business leaders in the community, many of whom are looking for opportunities to connect and learn from others.

With aims to strengthen the initiative's capabilities to create a raft of knowledge exchange and mentorship opportunities across the globe, GlobalWelsh expects to attract the support of others in Mr Buttress’ position who are at an ideal point in their career trajectory to be able to give something back.

Of his investment in GlobalWelsh, David Buttress said:

“I spent many years working 70 hour weeks and 50 week years but after a challenging career building Just Eat, I’m now committed to working on some of my passions and helping the next generation of Welsh talent develop their opportunities and skills. During my time living away from Wales, my love for rugby and our Country has never diminished and I want to help more people like me to be able to bring their ideas to life, no matter what their background is.

Having support and encouragement from others is crucial when you are working on your ambitions. We have a lot to shout about in Wales and I’m excited to see GlobalWelsh expand and gain momentum.”

GlobalWelsh founder Walter May said:

“David’s story is truly inspirational and his desire to make a difference in everything he does is what makes him such a huge asset to any organisation he associates himself with. We are extremely pleased to welcome him as a Founding Patron of GlobalWelsh and to advise and assist us in all things relating to business and entrepreneurship.

His experience in Venture Capital will be especially useful as we plan and implement the GlobalWelsh ‘Diaspora Direct Investment’ portal and ’scale up'. This is an exciting period for GlobalWelsh and David’s involvement couldn’t have come at a better time.”

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