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Tribute to Bernard Jones - a World Class Welshman

27 Feb, 2018

Last week we paid our respects and said goodbye to one of Wales’ legends, Bernard Jones OBE, who sadly passed away earlier this month. Bernard was the force behind the profitable Welsh television retailer Buy as you View and Just Rentals, successful companies employing more than 700 people across Wales and the UK. He was also one of the first GlobalWelsh patrons

He was recognised among his peers as an achiever and true leader. As an early supporter of our vision, Bernard saw in GlobalWelsh what he was so brilliant at identifying: potential. He gave his support willingly to our mission and became one of our cherished patrons, sharing his expertise and time with us , despite his many other commitments.

He’s been described as a ‘Welsh dragon of purpose and passion’ and a role model for so many Welsh entrepreneurs and business leaders. But at his core, he was a man who believed in the power of people, of doing good. Bernard could have lived a very quiet life following the sale of his businesses, but he instead choose a philanthropic path.

Bernard supported Cancer Care Cymru following the death of his wife Dezna after encountering the incredible nursing care she received before she died. He extended his generous support also to the fight against kidney disease, to the Cardiff Blues, the Rhondda Rugby Schools Initiative, the Mid Rhondda and Cory brass bands in the valleys.

Such was the impact of Bernard’s contribution to the Cory Band, his support helped to develop them into multiple major championship winners and the number one ranked band in the world. Similarly, his investment in the Rhondda Rugby Schools Initiative has produced a long line of championship-winning teams and one of the most successful youth rugby setups anywhere in the UK.

GlobalWelsh founder Walter May said:

“Bernard was not only an inspiration but a friend. He was a man of indomitable spirit, who inspired so many to punch above their weight and achieve the unimaginable. To me, he truly symbolised the qualities and achievements of our true World Class Welsh - success, leadership and the drive to help others. We’re eternally grateful for Bernard’s support and our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.”

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