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Creative agency Blue Stag joins GlobalWelsh as a founding patron

31 Oct, 2017

Cardiff based creative and digital agency Blue Stag has been announced as the newest founding patron for GlobalWelsh.

The agency has been working in close partnership with GlobalWelsh for the last year, working in conjunction with board members on the development of the brand and identity, the #WeAreTheGlobalWelsh launch campaign, and the new website. 

Blue Stag was founded by Creative Director Dan Sargent, whose creative and digital team are behind well-known branding, digital projects and campaigns including the NERC ‘Name our Ship’ campaign and the Time to Change Wales Youth Programme.

The agency has worked with clients such as UnLtd, the Ministry of Justice, NHS, Sport Wales, England Athletics and have won multiple digital and design awards including a Webby Award, Lovie Award and Mashie Award.

The agency continues to work with GlobalWelsh, collaborating with Callapro films, on digital and creative campaigns aiming to showcase Wales and to engage the friends of Wales around the World.

Speaking of his involvement in GlobalWelsh, Dan Sargent said:

"GlobalWelsh is an exciting organisation and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Wales’ brand has flourished over the last few years and GlobalWelsh will help it flourish further.

The idea of building a global community for Welsh people and friends of Wales is an exciting challenge, as is showcasing and celebrating the inspiring things that Welsh people are doing around the world. We’re delighted to be a small part of a passionate team committed to helping shape Wales’ future."

GlobalWelsh founder Walter May added:

“We’re so pleased Dan and his team have joined us as a founding patron. Their creative and digital leadership has been a breath of fresh air and we’re excited to have Dan’s enthusiasm and passion for Wales propelling us forward.”

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