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From game-changing tech to pioneering inventions...

Wales is a hub of entrepreneurship with an organic start-up culture and endless potential. This entrepreneurial spirit is scattered all over the world via our diaspora.

Our mission is to bring together investors and business founders in Wales and around the world to offer entrepreneurs and investors the opportunities they deserve and drive diaspora direct investment into Wales...

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Drive inward investment and increase wealth creation

“This new portal could be a game changer for the Welsh start-up scene. As a VC, I see a lot of entrepreneurs and I can tell you, there’s no difference between the level of talent I see coming out of Silicon Valley, and the level of talent I have seen in Wales, zero.”

David Buttress, GlobalWelsh Investor Portal appraisal committee chair, JustEat Founder and ex-CEO, Chairman of Dragons Rugby, and venture partner at 83NorthVC

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Read the brochure

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Read our FAQs

Disclaimer: The GlobalWelsh Investor Portal is an unregulated platform and open to sophisticated investors and high net worth individuals. Investors are expected to undertake their own due diligence on deals. Investments carry risk and any loss incurred is not subject to compensation by the FCA.

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