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A mission to connect 1 million people with a shared affinity for Wales.

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Our Mission

We’ve set ourselves a mission: to bring together 1 million Welsh people and friends of Wales from all around the world.

Why? Because by establishing the first truly global Welsh community we can share knowledge, forge new relationships and open up boundless opportunities now and for future generations. We can cultivate connections and tell the stories of wonderful Welsh people across the globe, and we can revitalise our economy by nurturing relationships with home-grown talent and inspiring them to give back.

But we can’t do it without you.

Why join GlobalWelsh

We’re a growing global community of people creating new connections, opportunities and ideas to enrich the lives of Welsh people all over the world. We’d love to have you with us.


Meet like-minded people, discover new business opportunities, and share your own relationship to Wales.

News & updates

Get all the latest from Wales and fellow Welsh people around the world.


Find out about Welsh events going on across the globe and promote your own.

Jobs & opportunities

Find and list vacancies, ask for help or offer your services.

Are you a Pioneer?

We know we’ve set ourselves an ambitious target. We’re not a giant corporation; we’re a brand new not-for-profit, a small group bound together by a passion for our country and a belief in its potential. Now, we’re asking for donations from people who share that passion to help turn these ambitions into real, life-changing opportunities and benefits for Wales. These people will be our GlobalWelsh Pioneers and will always be recognised for their contribution — and you could be one of them.

As a way of saying diolch to anyone who chooses to donate, we’ve put together a series of rewards including:

  • Pioneer status on our website
  • Certificate
  • Exclusive Pioneer logo pack
  • Tickets to the World Class Welsh 2018 event
  • A good cwtch
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Building a global community

We’re only as strong as the people around us. Individual or business, home or afar, we all have a part we can play in Wales’s future.

Geraint Hudson

Although I've been away for a long time now, I always feel the connection with Wales. I don't think that will ever diminish.


A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Hannah Raybould

Rugged, raw and authentic. The Wales I know is unpretentious and determined.

claire cooper

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Ben Treharne-Foose

This Illinois boy has made Wales my home and it has won my heart. It is a nation of kindness, incredible beauty and powerful perseverance.

Dr Geraint Evans

Crazy, beautiful, inspiring... home.

Elen Clement

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Gareth Rees

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Dewi Evans

I have worked in over 15 countries, setting up TV series. I think the Welsh travel very well indeed and have great linguistic and cultural respect.

Mark Cadwallader

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

FelinFach Natural Textiles

The Beauty and Uniqueness of Handmade Products from Wales


A place I left but always dream of coming home to. There's really nothing quite like it.

Hayley Hanson Hide

This is the best place in the world to live, work, and raise a family.

TahDah Verified Ltd

"Building a game changing global Software as a Service business while preserving the ultimate quality of life for all our team"

MijMoj Design Ltd

A breath of fresh air

Smart Storm Ltd

My passion for Wales is all consuming and I am now in the process of relocating my business to North Wales.

The Number Hub

It's a place I grew my business, an extraordinary place I’ve become so attached to.

Traffic Jam Media

To start with, just a place to start a business... but then so much more!
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