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A mission to connect 1 million people with a shared affinity for Wales.

Our Mission

We’ve set ourselves a mission: to bring together 1 million Welsh people and friends of Wales from all around the world.

Why? Because by establishing the first truly global Welsh community we can share knowledge, forge new relationships and open up boundless opportunities now and for future generations. We can cultivate connections and tell the stories of wonderful Welsh people across the globe, and we can revitalise our economy by nurturing relationships with home-grown talent and inspiring them to give back.

But we can’t do it without you.

Why join GlobalWelsh

We’re a growing global community of people creating new connections, opportunities and ideas to enrich the lives of Welsh people all over the world. We’d love to have you with us.


Meet like-minded people, discover new business opportunities, and share your own relationship to Wales.

News & updates

Get all the latest from Wales and fellow Welsh people around the world.


Find out about Welsh events going on across the globe and promote your own.

Jobs & opportunities

Find and list vacancies, ask for help or offer your services.

Are you a Pioneer?

We know we’ve set ourselves an ambitious target. We’re not a giant corporation; we’re a brand new not-for-profit, a small group bound together by a passion for our country and a belief in its potential. Now, we’re asking for donations from people who share that passion to help turn these ambitions into real, life-changing opportunities and benefits for Wales. These people will be our GlobalWelsh Pioneers and will always be recognised for their contribution — and you could be one of them.

As a way of saying diolch to anyone who chooses to donate, we’ve put together a series of rewards including:

  • Pioneer status on our website
  • Certificate
  • Exclusive Pioneer logo pack
  • Tickets to the World Class Welsh 2018 event
  • A good cwtch
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Building a global community

We’re only as strong as the people around us. Individual or company, home or afar, we all have a part we can play in Wales’s future.

Taffy Longman

You can take the boy out of Neath but not the Neath out of the boy

Geraint Williams

The country of my birth, my spiritual home. I live abroad but my heart is still, and ever will be, in the rolling hills of South Wales

William Dolben

I can't explain how my heart sings when I drive over that bridge and think 'I'm home!'. It never gets old.

Dafydd Jones

A story we're still telling, a history we're still writing, and a future worth fighting for.

Aled Roberts

Being Welsh and speaking Welsh define who I am and underpin my values

Ffion LLwyd-Jones

Wales is in my heart. She is a constant golden thread woven through my life. I want to share that light with other people.

Bruce Colstick

Tipyn bach o hiraeth....after emigrating to the South Pacific. Keen to reconnect with my Welsh heritage.

Dorian True

Wales the Jewel in the Crown, a Crown to be worn every day. My business Fly 2 Wales will continue the drive for the promotion of Wales globally.

Andrew Littlejohns

A story we're still telling, a history we're still writing, and a future worth fighting for.

Gareth Roberts

Wales is contagious...

DST Innovations

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Kate Pearce Training Consultancy and IQA

Wales needs to be in the forefront of all business opportunities


We took some time out of travelling the world last year to really explore our home country. And became more patriotic than ever.

UWC Atlantic College

UWC Atlantic College brings the world to Wales and we hope to bring some of Wales to the world.

Interceptor Solutions Ltd

Being bilingual provides a rich and diverse linguistic heritage, also an adeptness, skill and appreciation of multilingualism that we can export.

Consort Strategy

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Fortium Technologies

A software development team that mostly deals with clients in Los Angeles; and yet we're still based in Wales because it's that special.

Gorilla TV Ltd

Gorilla is a Welsh based company with Welsh staff, who are proud to be part of this great country.

HELM Positive Workplaces

So proud to live and work in this beautiful country

Search my food LTD

Wales is my and my family home now for almost 8 years.Amazing natural landscapes we love visiting.Also Four seasons in one day amazing
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