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Pioneers, change makers and friends: help us build a legacy for Wales

28 Nov, 2017

GlobalWelsh has announced the latest developments in its quest to connect a million people with an affinity for Wales – no matter where they are in the world.

GlobalWelsh has announced that they are partnering with pioneer member Lyndon Faulkner, the Newport born CEO of Pelican Products, Inc. in the USA for a special funded work experience opportunity from Pelican Products based in California.

Lyndon is now encouraging others to also become a pioneer and work with GlobalWelsh to offer similar opportunities, their time or expertise to help others.

Members of the public and representatives of business are now able to join the GlobalWelsh movement as a community member or become a ‘pioneer’ and donate funds to the mission, to secure the next phase of the network’s development.

The Community Interest Company (CIC) is crowdfunding to help build its innovative platform where members can connect and request introductions, assistance or support with ambitions or projects, no matter where they are in the world.

Since the website launch on November 1st,  individuals and businesses from around the world have connected with GlobalWelsh to reach out and join the mission, respond to our callouts and submit requests to become a partner.

As part of its bid to create meaningful and high impact opportunities for community members and supporters, Pelican’s collaboration with GlobalWelsh will create programs to support Welsh interns, entrepreneurs and companies looking to expand. Participants will spend time on a funded work experience opportunity at the global company, which operates in more than 22 countries.

A life-changing opportunity for some of Wales’ future stars

Based in Los Angeles, Pelican Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Pelican Products, Inc. CEO Lyndon Faulkner said:

“Being born and growing up in Wales, I am very familiar with the passion the Welsh have for fun and life. It is exciting for me to see a community created with GlobalWelsh in which Welsh international successes in business can be leveraged and fed back into Welsh companies to foster future success.

“I have seen what other countries have done with similar programs. Irish executives are particularly strong on supporting Irish businesses around the world, why not the Welsh?

“With 25 years of experience in the United States building global organizations, it’s exciting for me to be part of a program where I can use my experience to help Welsh companies grow inside and outside of Wales. I look forward to engaging with other pioneers and community members and I’d encourage others to support similar opportunities by joining the GlobalWelsh mission at”

Meet our pioneers and change makers… and why they’ve joined the community

Anne Boden: It’s about believing in education and equality for all...the Welsh nation is full of passionate Welsh people.

Peter Hirst: Wales is a nation with a rich culture, geography and heritage that should have lasting recognition in the world.

Laura Tenison: To me it means a home to come back to, a mountain to climb. Friends, family and childhood places - and people who are loyal and loving.

Ash Dykes: Wales is home, where I was raised, where I live and is a unique country that I enjoy telling people about on my travels around the world.

Gaynor Coley: Wales has been a great place to grow our business, and I see great potential in the future and what Wales has to offer the world.

Gareth Jones: Wales is a glorious land full of magical landscapes and hardworking, kind and humorous people. It deserves to be nurtured and celebrated.

Other pioneers to join the movement include Peter Saunders OBE (CEO of Welsh company Sure Chill), Peter Hirst (Associate Dean of Massachusetts MIT Sloan School of Management), New Zealand-based Kingfisher Cost Management Ltd, Martin Bowen (Group Counsel of Dyson), Ty Francis MBE and Richard Selby (Director of Pro Steel Engineering Ltd).

GlobalWelsh chairman Martyn Phillips said:

“This is a great opportunity for people to become part of something that will benefit people at home and abroad. People who are interested in joining our community tend to be the types of people who want to see Wales succeed and do well. They want to help each other and many want to share their knowledge and expertise to help others.

“The future of Wales is prosperous, global and connected…and people with passion and enthusiasm that can help make that happen. The work experience opportunity we’re in the process of organising with Pelican will be just one of the initiatives we’re creating to help people reach out to our diaspora around the world and achieve their goals in a way which will create maximum impact for them as individuals and for Wales.”

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