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Official GlobalWelsh launch kicks off at the Principality Stadium

30 May, 2017

GlobalWelsh has officially launched! It all kicked off on May 2nd 2017 at the Principality Stadium, where guests gathered at a high profile event attended representatives of Cardiff Airport, Acorn Recruitment, Admiral, BT in Wales, S4C, BBC and BAFTA Cymru.

The event was an opportunity to present GlobalWelsh as an initiative aiming to connect and facilitate meaningful relationships between people who are Welsh, have an affinity for Wales or are descended from Welsh ancestry.

By nurturing these relationships, GlobalWelsh aims to create a positive impact for GlobalWelsh community members – as well as tangible benefit for Wales.

Representing the best of the public, private and third sectors – event attendees listened to presentations by founders Walter May (on the grassroots origins of GlobalWelsh), Nick Pearce-Tomenius (on Welsh passion and identity) and Chris Raybould (on the ‘first 100 days’).

Former BBC Chief Political Correspondent Guto Harri officiated the event and Richard Parks - a keen supporter of GlobalWelsh, took part in an audience Q&A surrounding his adventures and expeditions around the globe.

Launch attendees were the first to view the initiative’s new campaign video, which features a poem and tribute dedicated to Welsh people overseas and at home and their desire to link back to Wales, no matter where they are in the world.

Supporting the initiative is Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce group, who said:

“Creating a borderless Welsh movement that reaches out and engages with generations of people, who, like me left Wales to pursue their dreams, makes complete sense to me and can only benefit and bring prosperity to all involved.

“Having lived outside Wales for many years, I am an enthusiastic supporter of GlobalWelsh and its ambitious objectives. Countries are similar to businesses and need a global perspective and global ambitions in order to provide opportunities and prosperity for all stakeholders”.

GlobalWelsh has a number of founding patrons including Finance Wales (now known as the Development Bank of Wales), the Welsh Rugby Union, Philanthropist Bernard Jones and Admiral’s David Stephens.

‘We are the Global Welsh’

GlobalWelsh defines its purpose as “helping Wales and Welsh people be successful, individually and collectively, at home and wherever they are in the world.”

The campaign was produced by Blue Stag and Callapro Films. Check out the campaign video:

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