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Global Mentoring Programme

“We all need people who can support us to grow and develop both personally and professionally, and mentorship is one of the best ways to do this. Having the Welsh connection made the programme feel important beyond the goals of the mentorship itself.”

Rosie Evans, behavioural scientist, based in Berlin

We know that thousands of Welsh diaspora have gone on to lead incredible careers and businesses and to achieve amazing things. They have gained different perspectives, new experiences and alternative approaches to problem solving.

Likewise, Wales is home to outstanding business leaders who can offer knowledge and real-world experience of what it takes to have a successful career and run a business back in Wales and the UK.

Through the MyMentor global mentoring programme we are enabling members to share that huge wealth of knowledge and experience with others in the community - one-to-one. To inspire and support the next generation of ambitious Welsh entrepreneurs and business leaders to grow, excel and achieve.

Through the MyMentor matching module on GlobalWelsh Connect, Mentors can apply and enrol as Mentors and Mentees can search and find a Mentor based on their career and business ambitions, all supported by GlobalWelsh.

The programme was developed in 2020 by experienced HR professionals and GlobalWelsh members, Sara Harper-Holton, Global Head of Talent and Development at Reckitt Benckiser, and Catrin Asbrey, Group HR Director at Keolis UK.

What's unique about MyMentor?

MyMentor is the first digital global diaspora mentoring programme in the world. It's member-led meaning Mentors and Mentees have control and flexibility over when, why and who they match with. Industry agnostic and diverse, Mentors and Mentees can be from any industry and located anywhere in the world. The Welsh connection brings with it a shared affinity and mutual ambition for Wales and Welsh people to excel. All of our approved Mentors are voluntary and participation is based on goodwill.

“That DNA is so important and I would urge all GlobalWelsh members, or those considering joining, to just get on and do it. If Wales is to knock the ball out the park on the global playing field we all need to reach far and wide and we have some great people ready and willing to support that.”

Adrian Sutton, ambitious CEO of a tech company, based in Swansea

Find a mentor...

If you want to take your career or business to the next level, an experienced mentor is a great way to gain the support, guidance and accountability you need to get you there.

Via the GlobalWelsh Connect MyMentor matching feature, you can search and find the right Mentor for you based on skills, industry, location, experience, and much more.

From FTSE 100 CEOs to some of Wales’ top business leaders, MyMentor has matched Mentees with Mentors based all over the world. All of our Mentors are passionate about giving back to Wales by supporting the next generation of Welsh entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Find a Mentor today Read our Quick Start Guide for Mentees MyMentee Guide

Become a mentor...

Becoming a Mentor is one of the best ways to give back. Mentoring an ambitious person to grow their business or achieve a career goal can be as rewarding for you as it is for them.

As Wales and the world faces challenging times ahead, now is the time to reach out and share your knowledge, experience, assurance and inspire other members in Wales and around the world to overcome hurdles, grow and achieve.

Become a Mentor today Read our Quick Start Guide for Mentors MyMentor Guide

MyMentor Spotlights

MyMentor Spotlight

MyMentor Spotlight: Rosie Evans

29 Apr, 2021
MyMentor Spotlight

MyMentor Spotlight: Dylan Pugh

29 Apr, 2021
MyMentor Spotlight

MyMentor Spotlight: Adrian Sutton

29 Apr, 2021

“I was going through such a seismic change in my career and I didn’t know where to start. Having someone being endorsed and trusted by GlobalWelsh gives me the confidence that I am in good hands.”

Dylan Pugh, entrepreneur and podcaster, based in London

The MyMentor programme is available exclusively to Pathfinder (18-27 year olds) and Pioneer (28 years+) members of the GlobalWelsh community.

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