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Welsh gourmet chocolate company NomNom are seeking sweet-toothed investors to help build the nerve centre of NomNom’s chocolate-making operation in Llanboidy after the original chocolate factory was shut down many years ago.

Founder Liam Burgess wants to turn the building in to

“the most delectable place in Wales, a place that makes great chocolate but a farm that grows great people and ideas too….”

The chocolate brick project hopes to sell 1,000 bricks - and once all bricks are sold, the factory build begins. Investors will receive an entire brick made of Madagascan chocolate - with an option to commission the brick in any flavour you can imagine from one of Nom Nom’s flavour artistes.

As a Builder your handmade chocolate brick will arrive in a beautiful personalised biscuit tin (designed by Tom Frost, of Llanboidy) and your name will also be featured on a real brick at the Llanboidy farm. Brick investors will also receive a ‘golden ticket’ to come break bread and dance at the Builders Tea Party at The Abandoned Chocolate Factory.

Who should answer?

Chocolate lovers, gourmet food enthusiasts, real and slow food fans, people who support home-grown businesses.

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Want to get your hands on a chocolate brick AND a golden ticket?

Become a brick builder


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