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What does Wales mean to you?

28 Nov, 2017

Since the summer, we’ve been attempting to get to the bottom of a pretty big topic while we prepared for the launch of our community sign-up page.

What does it mean to be Welsh – and what does Wales mean to those with an affinity for Wales?

Gwyn A Williams posed a controversial question when he asked ‘When was Wales?’. All these years later, we’re still finding our place in the world. Wales means so many different things to us all – and we wanted to explore the secret ingredient that creates that sense of belonging.

Would there be a common theme?

With technology and travel broadening our capabilities and our potential, our identities are changing. There are lots of online communities and fan sites celebrating Wales and Welshness. We wanted to pose these questions to our supporters, friends and followers who have so far followed us on our journey to bring together a million people with an affinity for Wales.

"For us, you don’t need to be born in Wales, live here or speak the language. Being Welsh is a feeling – so we asked our community members to pinpoint what it means to them personally."

Using the hashtag #MyWales, we’ve had some interesting results so far: from dragons and wizards to bold entrepreneurs, talented gritty people and a place where world class musicians and writers can thrive and find home.

One thing’s for certain: for many it’s about heart…and a feeling of being completely at home.

But, what’s your story?

We’re still collating #MyWales stories and contributions for our campaign – and we’d love to hear yours.

You can Wetransfer your video over to or upload to the GlobalWelsh Dropbox.

Want to take your love for Wales even further?

We’re now seeking community members and pioneers to help us on our mission to connect one million people with an affinity for Wales. Similar networks around the world have been achieving wonderful outcomes for their home countries for years now – and we think it’s time Wales did the same. Join us.

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