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Cool, calm and collected: 8 Welsh companies with wellness in mind

31 Aug, 2023

Wales, home of the world’s first Wellbeing of Future Generations Commissioner, a place where almost all of us are a stone’s throw from a beach, a river or a mountain where we can go to relax and unwind. It’s no wonder so many Welsh entrepreneurs, at home and away, are inspired to create businesses with wellbeing at their heart.

In a modern world that’s fast-paced and disconnected, it’s more important than ever to reconnect with ourselves, others and nature as much as we can. Here’s a selection of Wales-based and Welsh-led businesses that are doing great things for the wellbeing of their fellow humans…

Align Wellbeing

Founded by London-based Welsh entrepreneur Catrin Donnelly, Align Wellbeing is an ‘all-in-one mental health app’ that guides you on how to build and sustain good mental wellbeing. The company’s vision is to empower and educate the population on how to align our lifestyle with our biology. The app can guide users on everything from sleep to supplements and how they contribute to overall wellbeing.

Download on the App Store or Google Play Store >>

Oskia London

Founded in 2010 by Welsh luxury travel and lifestyle journalist turned entrepreneur Georgie Cleeve and her husband, George. Oskia is a science-led nutritional skincare brand founded in London but made in Monmouth, Wales. Oskia’s award-winning range of skincare and supplements are a real treat for anyone looking to wind-down but with a bit of luxury.

Oskia is available in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. Find stockists >> Check out their Rose De Mai massage candle and its best-selling Renaissance Mask >> 


Founded by New York-based Welsh entrepreneur, Katie Bell, Beam is a social exercise platform for people with specific health conditions. 

From live classes to resources and programs, Beam is focused on helping people with a health condition to feel good, no matter where they are in their health journey. Through their app they are helping people worldwide get that ‘punch the sky’ feeling every day by offering health-condition-specific on-demand and live exercise classes alongside friendly and super-empathetic support.

Find out more Beam’s mission >>

Alpaca My Boots 

As we know the grounding experience that getting out and about in nature can bring. And where better place to get out and about than Wales? The Brecon Beacons to be precise… with Alpacas?

Alpaca My Boots founders, Louise and Nick, wanted to offer something different and share the beauty of their 280-acre working farm in the Brecon Beacons with others. After experiencing (and loving!) alpaca trekking for the first time, they decided to adopt six rescue alpacas to try it out for themselves. Turns out they are the perfect companions for trekking… and meditation!

Read more about their Wellness Wednesdays >>

ION Corporate Wellness

Founded by former Welsh international rugby player, Robin Sowden-Taylor, ION Corporate Wellness, works with businesses to design corporate wellness solutions that suit the needs of businesses and employees alike. Based in Cardiff, Robin works with clients to offer services from team building to digital wellness solutions.

ION is on a mission to help businesses and employees understand how to implement actionable, non-time consuming, simple daily tasks to address the sedentary lifestyles, nutrient-deficient diets and relentless exposures to chronic stress, that are the root cause of so many of the modern-day illnesses our society is riddled by.

Find out more about their corporate wellness solutions >>

Morgan’s Brew Tea

No matter how crazy life gets, we can all make time for a brew! It’s a daily self-care ritual that we can all get behind and no matter where we are in the world, it’s the one thing that can help us to feel cool, calm and collected again.

Based in Welshpool, Powys, Morgan’s Brew Tea was founded by tearoom owners, husband and wife team, Geoff and Anne Morgan in 2006. The company offers a range of specially blended ‘mesmerising’ teas for tea-lovers all over the world to enjoy at home. 

Their Dragon’s Fire blend sounds right up our street >>. To check out their full range head to their website >>

The Goodwash Co

Nothing brings a sense of wellbeing than giving back and this is where The Goodwash Company can help! 

Founded by returning Welsh diaspora Mandy Powell who wanted to create, in her own words, ‘a skincare brand that would look great in the best bathrooms from Port Talbot to Tribeca’. Goodwash offers a range of, what Mandy has termed, ‘ethical luxury’ skincare products for skin, hair and… fur. Yes, even your dogs can indulge in self-care Sundays! 

From giving back to the local community in Barry to supporting good causes, you can buy their products and relax in the knowledge that you’re supporting a Welsh business AND good cause too! 

Read more about their philosophy >>

Calm Cocoa

More hot drinks you say? Founded by Llanidloes-based Australian Meredith Whiteley whose passions for meditation and chocolate collided when she started Calm Cocoa. Her award-winning range is more than delicious (we know we’ve tried it) hot chocolate, customers are also encouraged to indulge in the sensory ritual of making their favourite drink. Through meditation and connection to the moment Calm Cocoa offers a hot chocolate experience like no other!

Find out more about Meredith’s unique approach to hot chocolate making and meditation >>

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