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Tech founder looking for advice on white labeling...

  • Closes: 31 Jan 2020
  • Location: Wales & the world
  • Status: open
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Hi, I'm Gemma Hallett the CEO and Founder of miFuture App, an app designed to help connect young people to career opportunities. We are Welsh business but looking to scale through our parners around the world.

I'm looking for some advice from anyone who has insight into white labeling a software product/app. We have partners waiting to use our tech so want to get this project moving fairly quickly. But first, I just want to chat and get some advise from those who have experience doing it themselves.

Key questions I have are around, processes? Considerations? Best practice and pitfalls to look out for… we don’t know what we don’t know right? 

So, if you've been there, done that… please can we have a conversation?

Thanks, Gem

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