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Young creative entrepreneur looking for advice

  • Closes: 30 Sep 2019
  • Location: Swansea, Wales
  • Status: completed
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I am Catrin Harris, a young Welsh entrepreneur who set up a very small business called Welsh Lady around 5 years ago, aiming to promote Welsh culture.

The business took a small break whilst I was studying for my law masters, however since subsequently leaving the law and moving to Swansea to work for the University in fundraising and marketing I have had a lot more time to expand the business. I have seen a huge growth in the business over the past two years, going from two products to several with my customer base more than doubling in this short time.

As I work full time I have struggled with investment and advice and have independently funded the business from the get go. I am at that point in the business where I need to move to the next steps and try to expand the business.

It would be fantastic to get some advice from creative Welsh entrepreneurs who have experienced a similar journey. If you've had a similar experience andwould be able to offer some advice and guidance to help me scale my business, please get in touch.

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