Professor looking for Welsh entrepreneurs for academic research project

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I am a business professor researching transnational entrepreneurship at Toyo Gakuen University in Tokyo and I'm looking for Welsh entrepreneurs around the world to help me with my research...

For my undergraduate thesis I wrote about representations of Wales and Welsh national culture in art produced by Welsh and immigrant artists living in Wales; from an early stage in my academic career I was interested in what it means to be Welsh, what it is to have a sense of community, and what motivates people to get up in the morning and be passionate about what they do.

My research field is now focused on transnational entrepreneurship, specifically Welsh entrepreneurship. Geography plays an important role in the distribution of entrepreneurial activity so I am seeking to explore how geography, entrepreneurship, and expatriation intersect - the study of people and place. I’m particularly interested in the concept of community, such as the sense of community that we have as being Welsh and what traits of our character and Welsh identity are important for successful entrepreneurship.

Since April 2018 I have been on sabbatical to develop my research in this field. I am currently a Visiting Scholar at Cardiff University and held a Visiting Scholar Position at the University of Texas at Austin in their IC2 Institute in 2018. I will finally head back to Tokyo in time for the World Cup preparations in April this year.

The main focus of my research is interviewing Welsh entrepreneurs in Wales and Welsh expatriate entrepreneurs who have set up their companies around the world.  If you are an entrepreneur, expatriate or based in Wales, or if you know of anyone who would fill this brief, and if you have some time to spare for an interview, I would love to meet you either face-to-face or online. Through my experience of previous interviews, I have always found that the interviewee gets as much, if not more, out of the interviews as I do as talking about their experience is a useful opportunity for reflection and such interactions can also be the catalyst to stimulate new ideas and innovations!

My final goal is to feed back the findings of this research into education; developing new entrepreneurship education programs, helping to inform policy, and most importantly, sharing the case interviews in the hope that we can inspire young people to imagine themselves as the next generation of successful global Welsh entrepreneurs.

You can get in touch with me via the form below... 

Thanks, Sarah

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