Fancy a working holiday / work experience in LA?

  • Closes: 31 Jul 2018
  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Status: completed
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Opportunity for a film graduate or small creative start-up

Ambitious filmmaker looking for an exciting subject? We’d like to offer an incredible opportunity for a recent film graduate or creative startup looking to stretch their skills and expand their networks. Why not join seven ambitious Welsh businesses during their masterclass in Los Angeles and follow the story of the ‘Welsh guy from Newport’ who’s now a CEO of a global company.

Help us create a short film about the story - and enjoy yourself in LA!

The opportunity will give you an interesting subject matter, creative input and in-depth/behind the scenes access to the Welsh entrepreneur behind a global business. You’ll also have the opportunity to benefit from the teachings of the masterclass, should you wish to be a part of it, too. This is a working holiday like no other - and you’ll spend time with seven dynamic entrepreneurs in a supportive, close-knit environment who can potentially help you with your career and expand your professional network.

We’d be looking for you to film a short documentary on the 6 day trip, covering the following elements to create the documentary* (a 2 min and 5/10 minute version, ideally).

  • Pre-trip interviews with applicants at their ‘farewell’ social event
  • Footage at the airport
  • Pre-departure Cutaways and scenic shots of Pelican Products
  • Candid chats with Pelican Execs and staff
  • Footage of the six case studies during workshops/learning events
  • Candid interviews with programme participants at the end of the week
  • Cutaways and footage of the surrounding area LA/Torrance

While this amazing opportunity is funded by GlobalWelsh (We will provide flights, accommodation and daily food expenses) you will be expected to provide all equipment necessary to shoot, protect and edit the footage covering the duration of the trip.

Of course, It’s not ALL work… We won’t expect you to be around all the time. There’ll be ample free time for you to explore LA and the wider area while the seven documentary subjects are knuckling down to serious work and in the evenings. Or you may wish to relax/chill out in the seaside location of Rodondo beach and Torrance, near the base of Pelican HQ.

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Interested in the working holiday of a lifetime?

Contact us via e-mail with an expression of interest containing:

Your experience

Links to previous work

Confirmation that you are available 8-14th September

Email FAO Gemma

* GlobalWelsh reserve the right to final say on editorial decisions and all footage will be the property of GlobalWelsh

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