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  • Closes: 01 Mar 2018
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Status: open
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GlobalWelsh are on a mission is to celebrate and showcase Welsh people and friends of Wales around the world. We want to celebrate what it means to be Welsh and we would love you to feature in our campaign video which will be used on social media to promote the GlobalWelsh cause. All you have to do is answer the question: What does Wales (or being Welsh) mean to you?

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Our new campaign video will be used to inspire and empower Welsh people & friends of Wales. We want to help to promote Wales to the rest of the world and we want you to be a part of that. The campaign is shining a spotlight on friends of Wales all over the globe as well as personalities, thought leaders and supporters of GlobalWelsh giving their opinion on what it means to be Welsh.

You can film your video using your mobile or your webcam. Get yourself comfortable in front of a camera, whether that is your mobile, webcam or a video camera. Just answer this simple question: What does it mean to be Welsh? / What does Wales mean to you? Inspire the world with your words and let your passion for Wales shine through. The video doesn’t need to be too long. 20 - 60 seconds would be fine. The video needs to be recorded in landscape and can be in either mov or mp4 format

Who should answer?

Friends of Wales, Welsh expats, people who have lived or studied in Wales, people with Welsh ancestry, people who have an active interest in Welsh business, culture or language.

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Become part of a growing online network of Welsh people working together for the good of Wales by supporting others, exploring business opportunities and sharing knowledge.

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Upload your video to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MyWales


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