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A Christmas message from GlobalWelsh

22 Dec, 2020

What a year it's been. Strange and tough for everyone. But as we reflect on a year gone by, amidst all its challenges, there has been reenforcement of beliefs and some life-long lessons learnt.

If there's one thing that 2020 has cemented for us at GlobalWelsh, it's that belonging and community really matter - both personally and professionally. Connecting with people who share an affinity or passion is a powerful tool for good. Something we plan to make more of in 2021!

Here's some of the other things we've learnt this year...

Distance is not a barrier

We are not defined or restricted by our geography. We think of Wales, not as three million people within the borders of Wales, but a (more than) six million strong nation, scattered around the world. We are a borderless nation of people on our own journey's and through, our global community engagement platform, Connect, it's never been easier to stay connected and engage with each other in meaningful ways.

A little goodwill goes a long way

This year we have hosted over 20 events for our community with some amazing Welsh people and thought leaders around the world. We've connected many ambitious entrepreneurs with global mentors and investors, including three FTSE 100 CEOs.

It's only through the generosity and goodwill of those that give their time, knowledge and wisdom, to us and to other members of the community that we can contribute towards building a brighter future for Wales.

Wales is more than we know

Wales needs its diaspora more than ever. Since March, we've grown our community by more than 80% -  connecting people at home and away. Welcoming new names and faces, but more importantly, new experiences, new knowledge and new ambitions. And there are still millions of others out there, waiting to give a little bit back, or to get the support they need to face the next challenge or achieve their next goal.

So whether you're living abroad and want to give back, at home and are looking for a mentor, a new role, or looking to start or grow your business - maybe you just simply want to feel connected to the warmth of Wales? Wherever you are, whatever you do, there's a place for you in the GlobalWelsh community.

So in 2021, let's connect more, reach out more, hold our heads high and face whatever challenges the world throws at us, together. We are always better together.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and happy Christmas and we hope to see you in 2021!

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