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Welsh ‘Ginnovation’: 10 gins that capture the spirit of Wales

20 Jun, 2024

In celebration of World Gin Day in June, we’re raising a toast to the vibrant Welsh gin industry, where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative flavours.

From the rugged coastlines to the serene valleys, Welsh distilleries have carved a niche for themselves in the global gin market, encapsulating the essence of Wales in every sip.

We have put together a list of 10 exciting gin companies that embody Welsh identity…

Grounds for Good 

Founded in Penarth by Dr. Rosie Oretti, Grounds for Good is redefining what is considered waste and addressing a significant issue in coffee consumption, where most coffee grounds are used only once and then discarded in landfills. 

Harnessing the beneficial properties of reused coffee grounds, Grounds for Good has created the first Welsh gin in a fully recyclable cardboard bottle. It features a refined blend of juniper and aromatics, balanced with tangy citrus and a hint of ginger, finishing with a subtle smokiness from the coffee grounds.

Grab yourself a twist of sustainability >> 

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Located in the Brecon Beacons, Cascave’s gin range offers you the opportunity to journey through Welsh waters as they flow through hills, caves and tunnels. Its range of gins capture the stories and minerality of these places, revealing the hidden beauty of Wales. 

Cascave’s Stormy gin is inspired by the storms of Wales, specifically the Brecon Beacons, and is cut with water collected from the area, which is said to enhance its authenticity and depth of flavour.

Find out why Cascave’s gin is kicking up a storm >> 

Toca Vida

Created by former Welsh international rugby player Sam Davies and his American wife Elianna Davies, this gin is distilled at Hensol Castle in the Welsh countryside. The couple aimed for this gin to be a fusion of two cultures united by their favourite spirit. 

Launched in 2023, Toca Vida gin has already been recognised as the ‘World's Best Contemporary Gin’ and has been awarded gold at the ‘World Gin Awards’. Combining the sweetness of Cuban pink grapefruit with the freshness of Sicilian lemon and lime for a unique taste it sounds like a must try!

Give the ‘world’s best contemporary gin’ a look >>  

Jin Talog  

Located in Carmarthenshire, the Welsh-born founders returned to Wales after working in London to create something real. With time, dedication, and a fierce determination to get it right, they have perfected their gin, and now produce award-winning hand-crafted gin, winning three stars at the Great Taste Awards. This gin is crafted with fresh, organic and fairtrade Juniper berries, resulting in a fragrant and piney aroma.

Looking for something organic? This might be the one of you >> 

Halen Môn

Halen Môn is a globally acclaimed Welsh sea salt company located in Anglesey, North Wales, managed by husband and wife team Alison and David Lea-Wilson. Its world-renowned salt has been used at the olympics, political summits, and royal weddings and it's also a key ingredient in products such as Green & Black's chocolate and Piper's Crisps

Leveraging their expertise, they have now ventured into crafting gin. Jin Môr, Halen Môn’s award-winning Sea Salt gin, offers aromas of beach pine and juniper with just a hint of Halen Môn to enhance the classic botanicals. Distilled in Snowdonia, no less, for a true taste of coastal north Wales.

‘Sea’ for yourself  >> 

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Aber Falls Distillery 

Aber Falls is a globally award-winning Welsh distillery. Using botanical ingredients from north Wales and crafted using water filtered from the Snowdon mountain range. Embraced by the local community, the company strive to build partnerships with other Welsh businesses to enhance sustainability, boost the local economy, and promote tourism. 

Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin won silver in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the IWSC (international Wine & Spirits Competition).

Check out this zesty gin >>

The Gower Gin Company 

The Gower Gin Company, is an acclaimed Welsh gin distillery based in Swansea, owned by Siân and Andrew Brooks. The company has a focus on sustainability ensuring all packaging is eco-friendly, utilising recycled and recyclable materials while completely eliminating plastic from their packaging processes. 

Its Seren y Mor Gin captures the essence of the coast, featuring hand-foraged Welsh laver seaweed, lemon balm, bergamot, and crushed Serbian juniper for a distinctive flavour profile - delicious!

Plastic-free gin? Yes, please >> 

Eccentric Spirits 

Eccentric Spirits, based in Ceredigion, offers a range of Welsh gin and spirits that aim to celebrate the uniqueness of Wales, its cities, coastline, and diverse botanicals. Each bottle paying homage to the people, places, and inspirations on the west coast of Wales where it is distilled at In the Welsh Wind Distillery.

Juniper-forward and rich in citrus character, their Cardiff Dry Welsh Gin is crafted in honour of the Welsh capital, earning it a gold medal at the Global Gin Masters 2022.

A very Welsh gin? Take a look >>   

St Davids Distillery

St Davids Welsh Dry Gin is a take on a classic London Dry Gin. It features a juniper-rich flavour with hints of citrus, creating a perfect balance.

A donation from the sale of each bottle of gin goes towards funding projects on and around neighbouring Ramsey Island contributing to the important work carried out by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

A gin that gives back to nature. How wonderful >> 


Stillers, the world’s first alcohol-free distillery. Based in the Wye Valley, the company makes handcrafted, small-batch, non-alcoholic drinks. With no added flavours, sweeteners or calories (!), it is also vegan (and diet) friendly.

It’s Celtic Myst alcohol-free gin celebrates Celtic Nations with its herbal blends and offers a complex, bold flavour similar to traditional gin so definitely worth checking out as a gin alternative!

Check out Stillers Celtic Myst alcohol free gin >> 

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