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West is best: Virtual Ward Technologies

04 Jun, 2024

Based in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, Virtual Ward Technologies is at the forefront of transforming health and social care through innovative technology. The company’s mission is to transform healthcare by leveraging advanced sensor technology and data orchestrated care, empowering individuals and supporting families, ensuring illnesses are treated earlier and alleviating the strain on the NHS.

GlobalWelsh, in partnership with Sgema, recently launched a digital hub that connects ambitious businesses across Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion with diaspora connected to the region who can uniquely support those ambitions through networks, knowledge and opportunities.

As they continue to innovate, Prof. Rhys Thomas, CEO of Virtual Ward Technologies, sees the GlobalWelsh Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion Connector Hub as a vital ally with a hub providing a platform for engaging the Welsh diaspora, opening doors to invaluable networks, expertise, and potential investments.

We caught up with Prof. Thomas to hear how he has been harnessing the GlobalWelsh network.

What benefits does engaging with the GlobalWelsh network bring to Virtual Ward Technologies?

Engaging with the GlobalWelsh network is crucial for Virtual Ward Technologies as it provides access to a global resource pool and knowledge base that significantly advances our mission. 

The network opens up opportunities for our story to be heard. For example, we recently pitched at GlobalWelsh’s Connect to London which yielded some great connections and opportunities for us. Off the back of that event we are now in discussions with the Football Association of Wales.

How does the talent in the region contribute to the company's mission?

The region offers a well-educated and enthusiastic talent pool that is eager to contribute and innovate. It is vital to provide these talented individuals with the platforms they need to excel and support our mission of transforming health and social care through technology and data.

What are the key challenges in the region, and how can diaspora engagement help address them?

Key challenges in the region include financial constraints and prevalent health issues. Through stronger engagement with the Welsh diaspora, we are hoping to attract investment and health expertise to the area, which are essential for addressing these challenges effectively.

What makes the region an ideal location for new startups like Virtual Ward Technologies?

Connectivity is king. I have SpaceX Starlink which means I can do anything! The region's affordable living, and balanced lifestyle also make it an ideal location for new startups. These factors, coupled with the support from global networks like GlobalWelsh, position the area for significant growth and make it a prime location for innovative businesses like Virtual Ward Technologies.

Virtual Ward Technologies is setting a prime example of how local businesses can leverage global networks for regional benefit via GlobalWelsh. For more on Virtual Ward Technologies and their innovative solutions, visit their website at www. and if you’re a business in Carmarthenshire or Ceredigion and want to know more about being part of the GlobalWelsh Connector Hub, get in touch with us at

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