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The key to Wales’s future

GlobalWelsh was created because we believe we have a way to improve Wales’s fortunes, and it’s right at our fingertips — our people.

We’re building a global community for Welsh people and friends of Wales, a place to create meaningful connections, tap into shared resources, introduce like-minded people and help investment and business opportunities prosper. Somewhere where even the smallest of ideas can be life-changing.

We’re transforming the Wales we know. We are the GlobalWelsh.

A new vision

Wales is more than we know. The talent among the Welsh community is endless - now we want to share those stories and celebrate that talent.

We’re changing how people see Wales by giving our nation a global platform. We’ll unearth and nurture promising new talent to inspire future generations, and give proper recognition to the small, special few creating an incredible legacy for their country.

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Wonderful Welsh Stories

Right now, in Wales and all around the world, Welsh people are achieving all kinds of amazing things. Discover their stories or submit your own.

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Our Mission

We’re here to help Wales prosper, to bring about new connections, opportunities and ideas that will enrich the lives of Welsh people all over the world.

Our Mission

Our History

We’ve been working towards Wales’s future for years.

Our History

Building a global community

We’re only as strong as the people around us. Individual or business, home or afar, we all have a part we can play in Wales’s future.

Ashley Rogers

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Sheridan Methuen

Wales is where the man of my dreams, created the home of my dreams & where I continue to grow personally & professionally.

Julie Stone

Rugged, raw and authentic. The Wales I know is unpretentious and determined.

Samuel Rowlands

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.

Lois Holmes

A country of big ideas and possibilities, and people who aren't afraid to dream.
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